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  • Undergraduate Degrees

    Learn about our wide range of undergraduate degree programs at NCU.

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  • Graduate Degrees

    See all our options to further your education with us here.

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  • Distance Education

    Our distance programs allow you to gain competence regardless of location.

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  • Why Choose NCU

  • Accredited Programmes

    The university has institutional accreditation from the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), an ISO 900 certified organisation, and the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA).

  • Quality Education

    We ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality academic experience with well trained and qualified lecturers.

  • Wholistic Learning Environment

    At NCU the criteria for creating a graduand is not only education-based. NCU is a lifestyle that propels our student to be honorable leaders all our the working world.

  • Home of Champions

    We foster a winning and innovative attitude among our students - they are recognized nationally, regionally and internationally.

  • Diverse Culture

    NCU gives a unique spiritual and multi-cultural experience. Currently, NCU has a student population of over 3,000 students, which comprises of Jamaican students and international students.

  • Christian Education

    Northern Caribbean University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, has as its mission, quality Christ-centred, thereby fitting each student for committed professional service to country and to God.

Some Of Our Achievements

Northern Caribbean University has established a reputation as an innovation powerhouse that has excelled in several competitions nationally and internationally during the past few years.The institution continues to produce students with the highest level of character, creativity and competence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Northern Caribbean University?

Go to and click on APPLY NOW at the top right-hand corner of the screen, or just click on

What are the rules and regulations of the university?

The rules and regulations of the University are guidelines for student conduct while on any of our campuses. The rules and regulations are contained in the Student Handbook at Student Guide.

What is the university’s academic calendar and where is it found?

The University’s academic calendar is a schedule of all university activities and events and also important dates such as when final exams begin, the last day to add or drop a class etc. You can find the calendar on the NCU Website at or by following the link The Undergraduate Bulletin also gives information on the timelines for these important activities.

Where do I find the various telephone numbers for the departments on campus?

To call the university, dial 876-963-7400 for the operator and choose from a list of options. You can also dial the university at 876-618-1652 and when asked, put in the extension you wish to reach. The extension number for the various departments across our campuses can be found at The most frequently used numbers can be found at

How do I know the cost of my tuition and fees for school?

The cost of your tuition for a semester is dependent on the number of classes you register and the credit weighting of each course.

A “credit” for a semester means one 60-minute class activity or instructional modality per week for the duration of the semester. A 3-credit class meets twice per week for one hour and a half each day. The NCU Tuition and Fees information is available at the following link:

Where will I live while at NCU in Jamaica?

In Mandeville, Jamaica, where the Main Campus is located, there are three dormitories:

  1. Leila Reid Hall for freshmen ladies, The Residence Dean is Lorna Watt, Tel: 876-618-1652, ext. 7341
  2. Jamaica Hall for sophomore to Senior Ladies, The Residence Dean is Lilieth Scarlett, Tel: 876- 618-1652, ext. 7331 or 7333
  3. Cedar Hall for all gentlemen, The Residence Dean is Sefton Brown Tel: 876-618-1652, ext. 7348

Please contact the deans for information regarding the cost of the dormitories and to make arrangements for moving onto one of the dormitories prior to the start of a semester or summer session.

Students who are 18 years old or younger, and who are not residents of Mandeville, are expected to live in the halls of residence. If you are 18 years old, as at the first day of the semester in which you are accepted, you will be required to live in campus housing.

There are off-campus accommodations provided by members of the community. For off-campus accommodation please contact the Office of Student Services at telephone 876-618-1652, ext. 7172. However we strongly suggest that you consider boarding on campus for at least your first year of being at the University.

What are the foreign currencies used in Jamaica?

Jamaican dollars (JMD$) are used in Jamaica. Foreign currency accepted in the island are the United States dollars (US$), the Candadian dollar (CAD$), the Pound Sterling (GBP£) and the Euro (€).

Most prices and costs in Jamaica are quoted in Jamaican dollars. The most popular foreign currency is the US currency. However, sometimes costs are quoted in US dollars. There are Cambios in Jamaica where you can convert your money. Some online banking platforms also allow you to convert to Jamaica dollars and US dollars.

How can I find out more about the university’s news, events and culture?

You may visit the following links to find out more: